We get a kick out of creating stylish and engaging product visuals. We can work from CAD data, existing 3D assets or we can build from scratch from design plans and deliver to output formats perfect for Web, PR, social media, screen, print, signage, livery and more…

Images to Supercharge your Communications.



We can deliver one-off images (maybe for an important print ad or a conference banner) or packages of images to populate websites or long-running PR campaigns… and we can craft images that pull attention at scales ranging from tiny social media profile pictures to domineering billboards or cinema screens.

We’ve been at this game for a combined 60 years and as a service we really know what we’re about. and having done those years of grinding there’s little that slows us down. This means that our productions fly out of the door (compared to what we hear from our clients about other providers) which all combines to deliver our clients faster deliveries, better responsiveness and blistering value.

Our process is flexible but pragmatic depending on our clients needs. It would usually begin with a discussion to gather the projects essential objectives and communication needs and after some research we’d provide a concept with a fixed cost quote, and on approval (or revisions and approval) we’d move through some or all of the following stages dependent upon client approvals… Concept & Look Dev, Design, 3D & Tech Dev then Final Production and Post. We do though have clients that brief us and then don’t touch base until we unveil the final product so we’re more than happy to work that way too!

We can deliver images for literally anything that an image could be required for. Glamour shots, technical shots, exploded diagrams, web banners, PR, print, presentation… the list is endless.

We’ve also got experience creating composites to show products in realworld situations, but where we use a CGI product and a high quality stock photograph. We blend the two together seamlessly by intricately matching the product characteristics to the photography, from replicating the camera attributes, lighting angle and colour, shadow quality and even the photographic grain and chromatic aberration. This is a great way to get a high-end in-situ product image whilst decimating the cost of hiring a capable photographic studio, actors, locations, set dressers and the rest.

The most common Image Formats we supply to are…

> .TIFF (16 or 8 bit)
> .PNG (16 or 8 bit)
> .JPG (8 bit) > .PSD (layered 8 bit to 32 bit)

Other Non-Scalable Formats include…

> TGA (16 or 32 bit)
> GIF (8 bit / animated)

Scalable Formats include…

> .EPS
> .AI
> .SVG

Talk to us if you require more information.


Three producers, no stragglers, one small office, a cost effective location in the North of England, experienced enough to be hyper-efficient… it all combines to make our competitiveness hard to beat.

Clients like budget certainty, but project requirements change, so we provide FIXED PRICE quotes that are set to overall production hours rather than task, so that projects can ebb and flow without the need for re-budgeting.

When you work with The3DFacility, you’ll always deal with the organ grinders – we don’t have client manager monkeys or receptionist firewalls to battle past – and we know your project from top to tail.

Our veteran trio have amassed a combined 60 years worth of practical experience in CG image & video production and have striven to absorb the craftsmanship in each discipline so we can juggle all the hats necessary to enable us to deliver quality way above expectations.

Smallness, no-fluff, finding simplicity in complexity, it’s our philosophy… and creating strong work that’s simple AND strong is the kind of challenge we love.

We’ve worked on projects for some of the worlds best brands