Substantial Product and Brand Videos.


We make strong & slick promotional videos that deliver compelling marketing messages for Products and Brands, and we can deliver to all your communication channels, including social media, web and TV.



Whether it’s a one-off video to level up your SMEs next promotional push or a campaign of teasers, internal comms and consumer ads, we can provide the production expertise and value that raises eyebrows and invoices.

And our little core team are pretty capable at hitting lots of the important quality bars (from video strategy and design, to mixed media and audio co-ordination through to camera & product motion and character animation) this enables us to ensure that your production is substantial and surprisingly good value.

We’ve learnt over long experience how to maximise our productions impact whilst optimising the backside out of our production processes. For instance, we often mingle bespoke CG animation with stock bought elements that we can quickly modify to make unique and on brand and which slash the costs of production compared to going 100% new build.

Our process is flexible but pragmatic depending on our clients needs. It would usually begin with a discussion to gather the projects essential objectives and communication needs and after some research we’d provide a concept with a fixed cost quote, and on approval (or revisions and approval) we’d move through some or all of the following stages dependant upon client approvals… Concept & Look Dev, Design, Music Sourcing, Animatic Production, 3D & Tech Dev then Final Production, Edit and Post. We do though have clients that brief us and then don’t touch base until we unveil the final product so we’re more than happy to work that way too!

Ending up with a lush and versatile virtual CG version of your product can take a number of development routes…

  1. If you have an existing 3D asset we are usually able to import it into our software. We’d then assess its suitability for our project goals and  our production pipeline and go from there.
  2. If you have an engineering CAD version of your product, we can import that and the results can sometimes be quickly polished up to meet our needs, or conversely sometimes the imported meshes require updating or re-modelling to hit our quality targets.
  3. If you don’t have any existing virtual assets but you do have real-world samples, send them over and we can build accurate CG doubles from them.
  4. If your product is still in a conceptual stage (with no real-world prototypes), send us the plan drawings or sketches even – plus examples of colours, materials and decals you plan to use and we can even build your CG product from that and present it back to you within a photoreal studio photography ‘look’.

Our videos can be optimised and delivered in formats perfect for promos, ads, infomercials or educational communications Online (web, social media, video streaming services, digital TV, digital advertising kiosks and billboards) or Offline (presentations, conference visuals, cinema, screen-savers, blu-ray, pen drives)

The most common Video Formats we supply to are…

> .MP4 (H264)
> .MOV (H264)
> .MOV (Apple ProRes - can include Alpha Channel)

Other Formats include…

> DV

* Resolutions, bitdepths, bitrates, keyframe steps and other encoding variables can be customised on request.

For 16 or 32 bit output we can supply the following still image sequence formats…


Talk to us if you require more information.


Three producers, no stragglers, one small office, a cost effective location in the North of England, experienced enough to be hyper-efficient… it all combines to make our competitiveness hard to beat.

Clients like budget certainty, but project requirements change, so we provide FIXED PRICE quotes that are set to overall production hours rather than task, so that projects can ebb and flow without the need for re-budgeting.

When you work with The3DFacility, you’ll always deal with the organ grinders – we don’t have client manager monkeys or receptionist firewalls to battle past – and we know your project from top to tail.

Our veteran trio have amassed a combined 60 years worth of practical experience in CG image & video production and have striven to absorb the craftsmanship in each discipline so we can juggle all the hats necessary to enable us to deliver quality way above expectations.

Smallness, no-fluff, finding simplicity in complexity, it’s our philosophy… and creating strong work that’s simple AND strong is the kind of challenge we love.

We’ve worked on projects for some of the worlds best brands